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Taste Like a Somm.

Vsomm wants to help you to taste better, from knowing more about wine, planning and hosting your own wine tasting, to tasting craft beer & whisky like a somm, including preparing fabulous food pairings to match.

Smart Labels.

Vsomm enhances any tasting! Apart from providing tasting notes simply by taping the “smart label” on the bottle,  you can also claim exclusive offers & benefits from producers that you love!


Build powerful branded experiences, and let your valued loyal customers interact with content and updates directly from you – the producer, distributor or retailer.

Red Wine Aroma Cards.

Up your tasting game, with our set of wine cards for exploring the aromas in virtually (no pun intended) any style of red wine.

Producer, Distributor or Retailer?

Vsomm is driven to innovate the beverage sector, and our mission is not only to help people taste better, but we want to revolutionise tasting with products and services that can benefit producers, distributors as well as sellers.

Taste Better

Up your tasting game!

Exclusive Benefits

Co-create with your favourite producer!


Enhance your tasting!