Tasting Just Got Smarter.

Tasting Notes, Made Simple!​

Smart labels are micro NFC (Near Field Communication) chips that can be embedded into regular labels during printing, or simply affixed to bottles as stickers or used in neck tags in smaller quantities.

Apart from visual tasting notes, any content can be instantly pushed on “tap” to a mobile device as fast as contactless payment! From highly-personalised rich content such as promotions and wine club membership communication to augmented reality and video tastings.


Personalised content as well as exclusive offers & benefits.


The platform allows for constant communication about the vineyard & winemaking process.


Connect beyond the tasting room.

Producer, Distributor or Retailer?

Vsomm is driven to innovate the beverage sector, and our mission is not only to help people taste better, but we want to revolutionise tasting with products and services that can benefit producers, distributors as well as sellers.